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DBox2 (ppc)

DBox2 with Sportster image

  • Stop the current SoftCAM.
  • Look at the /var/emu directory, and backup existing softcams, then remove them from the box. This ensures that you will have sufficient room for oscam.
  • Copy the oscam binary to the /tmp directory, and then shrink it (compress):
# connect to the box through Telnet...
cd /tmp
shrink oscam
  • move the shrunken oscam file to the /var/emu directory and make it executable (chmod 755).
  • Copy the oscam.txt file to the /var/emu directory.
  • Copy the configuration files to the /var/keys directory.
  • Create an empty file named .oscam in the /var/etc directory. Make sure there is no other file there that matches the .CAMD-name-date pattern. In a telnet session, type:
touch /var/etc/.oscam
  • Execute a softcam reset.

Note: From Sportster Pro 2.00 rc005 version, CAMD should be started automatically. It's recommended to install the current Beta, which also displays corresponding ECM information. If an older version is used, you must modify the /var/etc/start.local file accordingly.


The /var/emu/oscam.txt file should contain the current oscam version number, nothing else. For example:


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