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DVBAPI configuration file for OSCam


S: [device] [PMT file name]
P: [CAID]:[provider ID]:[service ID]:[ECM PID]:[CHID] continue
I: [CAID]:[provider ID]:[service ID]:[ECM PID]:[CHID] ignore
J: [CAID]:[provider ID]:[service ID]:[ECM PID] join
A: ::service ID:[video PID]:[provider ID][:][ECM PID]
X: [CAID]:[provider ID]:[service ID]:[ECM PID] demux
D: [CAID]:[provider ID]:[service ID]:[ECM PID] delay
L: [CAID]:[provider ID]:[service ID]:[ECM PID] ECM length (hexa)
M: [CAID]:[provider ID]:[service ID]:[ECM PID] target CAID:[target provider ID]
   NEW svn 9771: 21/06/2014 
P: [CAID]:[provider ID]:[service ID]:[ECM PID]:[CHID]:[FORCE]:[PIDX] priority
I: [CAID]:[provider ID]:[service ID]:[ECM PID]:[CHID]:[PIDX] ignore

S = set DVB API device name and PMT File name (valid for STAPI only!)

P = set priority, recommended for pay-per-view services/EMMs (use carefull!)

I = set ignore

J = joined CAID[:]joined provider ID[:]joined ECM PID join to another ECM PID

A = set a dummy ECM request with CAID FFFF for services with a constant CW shown as unencrypted service(for STBs without PMT ID support only!)

X = add decoding on an extra demux index on the same CA device (Multi ECM) (not support on all STBs)

D = set delay in milli seconds writing CWs

L = set ECM length in hexa

M = mapping

[ECM PID] = This specifies the identifier code of the ECM PID to which the rule applies (optional).

[CHID] = This specifies the identifier code of the channel to which the rule applies (optional).

[FORCE] = Indicates to dvbapi to force the use of a certain decoding (optional).

[PIDX] = This specifies the identifier number of the ECM PID to which the rule applies (optional).

Old Examples

P: 0100:123456       # prioritise CAID 0100 with provider 123456
P: :1234             # prioritise ECM with provider ID 1234 on on any service
P: 0200              # prioritise CAID 0200
P: 0300::9ABC        # prioritise CAID 0300 on service 9ABC only
I: :654321           # ignore provider ID 654321 for every service
I: 0                 # ignore every CAID that was not handled before
D: 0600 200          # wait 200 ms before writing CW for CAID 0600
L: 0700 8e           # ECM length for CAID 0700 to 8e (hexa)
M: 0400 0500:123456  # map CAID 0400 to provider ID 123456 with CAID 0500 always

New Examples

NEW svn 9771: 21/06/2014
P:0100:00006C 0:3 (prio 0100:00006c if this ecmpid is registered as PID3 in pmt, no force)
P:0100 1 (prio caid 0100, use force)
P:0500 1:5 (prio caid 0500, use force but only if this 0500 caid is listed as 5th pid in the pmt)
I:0100:00006A:::5C00 1 (ignore fakechid 5C00 if this ecmpid is registered as PID1 in pmt)
I:0100:00006A 0 (ignore 0100:0006A if this ecmpid is registered as PID0 in pmt)
P:0100:00006A:::FC10 (prio 0100:00006a if ecm contains fakechid FC10) 

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