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anti-cascading table for OSCam

Prevent the unauthorized disclosure of CWs [ControlWords] by client.


<CAID>:<provider ID>=<seconds>
<CAID>:<provider ID>*=<seconds>

defines the time interval in seconds when changing the CW's in terms of CAID and provider ID. In addition, with [*] you can define default value for all providers unlisted above.



For CAID 0100 with provider 000000 the time interval is defined with 10 seconds. For all others CAID, default value is fixed to 7 seconds.

Example for Sky DE HD+:

1702:000000 = 10 # interval 10 seconds for provider 1702
1833:000401 = 10 # interval 10 seconds for provider 1833
           *=7   # interval  7 seconds for all others providers

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