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Table of contents


OSCam-Wiki updated for OSCam Version 1.20 Build #10094. OSCam is being developed on a daily basis. Sometimes, the Wiki-Version will be lagging a little behind. We're doing our best to keep up though ;)

Beginning with build 4787, all changes, additions and deletions of parameters will be marked across the wiki documentation (using mm/dd/yyyy format). These changes are also marked in the parameters documentation pages. In addition, all change sets that have a modification, addition or deletion of parameters will be added to the table in the Workaround page.

Relevant Links

Errors in this Wiki

This Wiki is the result of the work of numerous users from StreamBoard. It's natural that some errors might creep in:

  • Errors in spelling and in punctuation.
  • Errors in case.

Also there are a number of parameters under construction, marked with "Under Construction".

Every reader is invited to support the authors in eliminating of errors or amending of comments. Post in thread for this Wiki:


This is the central point for the collection of errors, corrections and suggestions!

MessageS.png Info: Comments on the individual parameters and examples are always preceded with a #. This has the advantage that you can transfer this parameter with copy&paste into your own config!